The Honey Farm

The Honey Farm is a novel set on a honey farm in Northern Ontario during one of the worst droughts in recorded history. The woman who runs the farm, Cynthia, markets it as an artists’ residency in order to attract free labour to help during these tough times. Two of the ten residents – Ibrahim, a wild and confident painter, and Silvia, a shy would-be poet – fall desperately in love.

The Honey Farm weaves together bees with the Bible as Silvia perceives the strange events occurring in the natural world through the lens of her fundamentalist Christian upbringing. As she falls in love with Ibrahim and settles into life on the farm, Silvia dissociates herself from her faith, with the help – or manipulation – of Cynthia. Silvia becomes more confident and strong throughout her pregnancy, though she has to accept to let her artistic ambitions fall by the wayside as Ibrahim’s painting thrives.

The novel explores the relationship between bees and creativity and the plight of bees in today’s world, artistic identity and collective community. It’s about with possession, perception, power, and the beauty and mystery of the natural world.


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